// Alessandro Contini


A field is to play

In July 2011 I took part in a collaborative sound art project, with Danila Pellicani and Paolo Patelli, for the Mazama Residency program, held for the first year in the forests of Washington state, USA.

The project, named “A field is to play“, is divided in three main phases:
phase one – distribution to the people of the local Mazama community of a manual with instructions on how to build a diy weathervane;
phase two – on site crowd sourcing of audio material (sounds, tales, whistles, original music) related to the place and the cultural community, with the aid of Soundcloud tools;
phase three – the final public installation consisting of a large number of weathervanes, some of which equipped with an Arduino microcontroller, couple sensors to dynamically process the collected sounds and an SD flash memory for audio clips storing.

With a generative soundscape varying depending on the wind intensity, variability and the unpredictable physical interaction with the spectators, contemporary art and technology meet local cultural roots in a unique experience.

I’m part of the creative process and I take care of the prototyping of the technological side of the project, learning how to deal with a decentralized team between Boston, Milan and Turin.


ROLE: sound / interaction designer
CLIENT: self-initiated
PARTNER: Danila Pellicani, Paolo Patelli