// Alessandro Contini


GEM (General Music), a division of the italian company Galanti, is one of the few keyboards and MIDI devices producer comparable to the world leaders of the musical instruments area.

Interaction Design Lab, in order revamp the image of the company in search of a younger target, proposes a reissue project for the most known keyboard of the brand, the vintage Mini GEM. The project is based on the idea of streaming a new life in the brand name through the reproduction of the instrument in three different scales:
iGEM, the mobile app to have the good old Mini GEM sound always with you;
MicroGEM, the contemporary evolution of the instrument as a MIDI controller also usable as a small standalone keyboard;
MacroGEM, out of scale reproduction of the instrument as a public installation for advertising campaign and exhibitions.

I join the team for the ideation and designing of the project.

ROLE: interaction designer / sound designer
PARTNER: Interaction Design Lab