// Alessandro Contini


Trade School Milano

Trade School is a school based on barter. “Trade School celebrates practical wisdom, mutual respect and the social nature of exchange”. After having taught and assisted classes at Trade School in New York City together with Danila Pellicani, we decided to replicate the experience once back in Italy.

In May 2011 with a team of four people (Alessandro Contini, Danila Pellicani, Serena Schimd and Eléna Olavarria Dallo) we opened Trade School Milano in Milan. To participate you go to the website, you choose a lesson and choose from a list something to barter with the teacher in exchange of the lesson. If you feel like you want to teach something, you fill a form with an abstract of the lesson, a short biography and compile a list of up to five different kind of things you’d like to receive in exchange of the lesson.

During 30 days we had 19 classes, 200 students, 40000 page views on the website and any sort of topics and teachers.
The project received vivid enthusiasm and coverage by “specialized” and national press.


ROLE: co-founder, coordinator and web developer
CLIENT: self-initiated
PARTNER: Danila Pellicani, Serena Schimd, Eléna Olavarria Dallo